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Kurzweil PC2RIB Ribbon Controller

  • Kurzweil PC2RIB Ribbon Controller Kontrolery MIDI
480 zł
Dostępny 25.02.2021
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The Super Ribbon is a 600mm touch sensitive programmable controller option for the: PC3A series, PC3K series, PC3 series, PC2 series (except the PC2R), PC1 series, K2661, ExpressionMate. The Super Ribbon can be configured as either a single long surface or divided into 3 individually programmable sections. The Ribbon can be further tailored to respond in a variety of ways and can be assigned to numerous MIDI Continuous controller functions allowing performers a whole new avenue of of phenomenal real-time control.... Zobacz pełny opis produktu >>>

Z nami wybierz tanie Kontrolery MIDI. produkt Kurzweil PC2RIB Ribbon Controller e-Shop muziker.pl Kup w cenie 480 zł.

Parametry towarów:
- rzetelny dostawca i producent Kurzweil
- kód EAN i ID towarów 20760
- kategoria produktu Kontrolery MIDI

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Kurzweil PC2RIB Ribbon Controller